Instant Workplace Covid Testing


Instant Corporate Covid Testing


Instant Covid-19 testing for business makes it possible for a workforce to return to the office with the confidence to do what they do best. Our competitively-priced bulk Covid tests for corporate clients enable rapid and regular workplace Covid testing for teams of any size, at our screening centre in central London. If you would prefer us to come to you, we have an alternative on-site testing solution.

Designed to tell those who feel well whether or not they currently have Covid, our Virolens™ testing devices generate individual positive/negative results in just 20 seconds.

We understand how important the health and safety of your workforce is, and the weight of responsibility on employers’ shoulders at this time. Instant workplace Covid testing empowers your team to return to a safe working environment they can trust.

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Why workplace Covid testing is important

Home working has been an invaluable measure for countless businesses in London. Yet, for many, there is no substitute for working together in a collaborative and creative space.

This has become more possible since offices have reopened but, as many people who have Covid may experience no symptoms at all, social distancing, face covering and hand hygiene alone are not enough to rule out workplace outbreaks.

Only regular Covid corporate testing offers the certainty and workplace safety a team needs to get back to the office free from worry. Instant corporate Covid testing in London is a quick and simple way to give your employees greater confidence to work together again.

For employers, corporate Covid tests take the difficult decisions out of a back-to-work strategy. Instant Covid Tests London can work with you to implement a competitively-priced regular bulk testing programme that protects your workforce and helps create a safer working environment.

On testing service is available from our city screening centre or we can come to you with our mobile on-site testing service.

Download our corporate information pack here

Download our on-site testing information pack here

Benefits of regular workplace Covid testing for staff

Even if your employees feel well, it’s possible for them to have Covid and to pass it on to others. Workplace Covid testing with instant results gives them the clarity they need to know if they can safely return to the office. Other corporate Covid tests involve waiting for up to several days for employee results, which further delays the return to work. When your employees know that they are clear of Covid at the time of testing, they are empowered to collaborate freely.


That said, mass corporate testing for large teams and workforces can come with a mix of results. We understand that testing positive will be a shock to some employees, especially when they feel well. That’s why we have a team of medical experts ready to offer help and advice.


Benefits of instant corporate Covid testing include:

Non-invasive test – just a simple mouth swab

No waiting for test results – an answer in just 20 seconds

Rapid testing for entire workforces

Convenient location in the heart of London

Bespoke business testing plans and bulk testing rates available

Dedicated corporate booking portal where clients can manage their own account and team

Full post-test support from medical professionals for those who test positive.

Employees can return to the office in the knowledge they are helping to create a safer workplace

How workplace Covid testing works


We have designed our regular corporate Covid testing process to be as quick, simple and convenient as possible, even for large teams and workforces. Here’s an overview of how the booking process works for corporate clients at Instant Covid Tests London:

1: Complete the online corporate enquiry form.

2: A member of our corporate sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements and agree rate, volume and frequency of your tests.

3: On agreement you will be given access to your own private online company portal.

4: The portal can be used to add team members, purchase testing credits, create reports and manage your account.

5: Book tests in your portal on behalf of your team or send a link to allow them to make bookings at their own convenience using your pre-purchased company credits.

6: Individual team members will be sent a confirmation and QR code, they will need this when they arrive to check in for their test.

7: The positive or negative result is instant and given at point of care with a confirmation certificate sent to the participant shortly after.

8: Anyone testing positive will be directed to our welfare area, where they will be able to seek advice from a qualified medical professional.


To find out more about instant corporate Covid tests for your business, please fill in our enquiry form and a member of our dedicated corporate booking team will be in touch.