Why it's important to get tested for Covid-19


Importance of Coronavirus testing

As the world has learned more about coronavirus, it’s become clear that many people who have the virus could be asymptomatic – meaning they experience no symptoms at all. They feel well but can still unknowingly pass Covid-19 to others, which is one of the main reasons the virus spreads so rapidly.


Widespread Covid testing for everyone – even those without symptoms – is essential if we are to stop the virus spreading. A study in June 2020 by Imperial College London showed that when everyone in a community who tests positive for Covid temporarily self-isolates, whether they have symptoms or not, the spread of the virus is greatly reduced and quickly suppressed.


Alongside NHS testing for those with Covid symptoms, instant, widespread and regular Covid testing for those without is a vital part of preventing virus transmission, controlling outbreaks and getting the nation moving again.


Getting tested when you feel well not only enables you to get back to work and normality with confidence, but helps reduce the spread of Covid for everyone.

Benefits of getting tested

Getting tested for Covid regularly and receiving instant results comes with many benefits for you and others:

Those who test negative can be around others without putting them at risk

Groups of people who all test negative, such as families and colleagues, can socialise and work together safely

Those who test positive can self-isolate and stop the spread of Covid to others

Getting results in less than a minute prevents an uncertain wait and enables people to take immediate next steps


Many of us have had to go without seeing family and friends since the pandemic started, especially those that may be especially vulnerable to the virus. Instant Covid testing allows families and friends to enjoy time together safely immediately after testing negative, making it an important step ahead of visiting loved ones.


Workforces throughout London and beyond have had to move to home-working due to Covid, but regular mass testing for teams of colleagues can enable them to get back to the office in safety. Instant Covid Tests London offers bulk test bookings for businesses and corporate clients, specifically designed to allow the multiple testing of teams of any size. Bulk Covid tests for businesses are available through our dedicated corporate booking system.


Some countries now require visitors to take a Covid test for travel. You must test negative for Covid before these countries will allow visitors to enter. Getting an instant negative test result will enable you to go ahead with your travel plans safe in the knowledge that you won’t be putting anyone at risk. Instant Covid Tests London is not currently part of the Test To Release program or able to offer a Fit To Fly certificate.

If you have Covid-19 symptoms

Instant Covid Tests London only test those who do not have symptoms of Covid-19. If you currently have Covid symptoms – a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and/or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – you can get a free NHS Covid test instead.

How long does it take to get Covid test results?


At Instant Covid Tests London, you will get your Covid test results straight away – within 20 seconds.

From the moment your mouth swab is placed in the Virolens™ testing device, it takes just 20 seconds to examine the saliva cell sample and run it through a computer trained to identify the Covid antigen from other cells.

Our Virolens™ technology is registered with the MHRA and uses microscopic holographic imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) software to detect SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19).


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What happens if you test positive for Covid


We understand that it can be distressing to receive a positive test result for Covid, especially when you feel well. With Instant Covid Tests London, you get a clear positive/negative result in just 20 seconds, and our team of medical experts is there to assist anyone who tests positive straight away. Post-test support is available as soon as you get your result.


We will guide you to our dedicated post-test support area, where our medical professionals will explain what your positive test result means and what you will need to do next.





Get tested for Covid quickly and conveniently in central London, and receive instant positive/negative results.