Virus detection

Testing for Coronavirus Variants

One of the issues of ongoing concern surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic is the emergence of new strains of the virus. There have been thousands of variations over the last year, the Kent, Brazilian, Indian and South African are all examples of these, and have all at some point been circulating in the UK.

If you want to implement a truly successful testing program, it is vital the screening solution being used is able to identify all variants of the virus. The Virolens technology utilised by Instant Covid Tests London can detect coronavirus variants with a high level of accuracy. Below we’ve taken a look at what a variant is and how Virolens detects them.    

What is A Covid-19 Variant?

SARS-CoV-2 is a single stranded RNA virus which are notorious for having very high mutation rates. These mutations may change a resulting protein, change the expression of a gene, or do nothing. We recommend reading this article from the BBC website which provides a good simplified explanation of the science behind coronavirus variants.

How Does Virolens Detect Covid 19 Variants?

Virolens uses holographic microscopy and AI to detect Covid 19 virions. Provided the emerging variants of the virus maintain the macro structure of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen including the external protein signature, the Virolens system will continue to detect the virus. The AI technology deployed in the Virolens system can be trained to detect virus patterns as they evolve and change, including the detection of other diseases. These are closely monitored and the software updated as necessary.

How Effective is Virolens testing on Covid Variants?

The nanometer level of detection that Virolens works at is impervious to the picometer changes with all known SARS-COV-2 variants. This makes it an incredibly reliable and extremely effective screening tool.

Instant Covid Tests London conducts all tests using Virolens technology. The service is available at our screening centre in the City of London or on-location at your place of work.

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