On-site Covid Testing

20 second rapid Covid-19 Virolens™ testing

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What is location testing?


It’s possible to have Covid-19 and be completely asymptomatic, meaning you’ll experience no symptoms at all. As a result, testing is essential if we want to stop the virus from spreading and keep everyone safe.

On-site testing is convenient and efficient, helping to keep everyone safe and providing reassurance for those visiting or working at the location.

Instant Covid Tests London location testing offers instant, on-site testing in the UK for workplaces, venues, schools, universities and more.

Using market leading, Virolens™ testing technology, we provide accurate results (98.1% sensitivity and 99.7% specificity) in just 20 seconds. So, there’s no fuss, no anxious wait for results, and no queues.

Download our on-site Covid testing brochure here.


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Who is the mobile on-site Covid testing for?

Location testing is ideal for organisations who need to safely bring large numbers of people together in one area, allowing that place of work, study or entertainment to, once again, function effectively. This rapid, affordable Covid testing is available to anyone who doesn’t have Covid-19 symptoms but wants to know if they currently have the virus.


Our on-site service is designed for venues or organisations that require more than 1500 tests per week, including:

Large offices

Film sets


Companies with large numbers of employees




Distribution centres

However, if you’re looking for a testing service for smaller groups or individuals, we have a Covid screening centre set up at The Brewery, EC1Y, with further locations planned for the future.

Download our on location Covid testing brochure here.

How does mobile Covid testing work?


We have designed our on-site Covid testing process to be as quick, simple and convenient as possible, even for large volume testing. Here’s how it works:

Covid consultation

Get in touch or complete the online corporate enquiry form.

A member of our team of experts will contact you to discuss your testing needs.

Bespoke testing package

Our team will make an assessment of your site either by visiting or an online consultation.

We’ll create a fully inclusive, bespoke testing package for your business, with a simple, transparent price-per-test based on a minimum volume of tests and the number of weeks required.

Advanced planning and reporting

If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll carry out all the advanced planning, including health and safety, infrastructure, the flow of people, staffing, and PPE.

We’ll set up your own private online, GDPR compliant, and secure portal, with a booking system and direct reporting to PHE.

Installation of mobile testing at workplace

We’ll work alongside your team to manage the install and set up.

Begin implementation of testing program

Our team will be ready on-site throughout your agreed testing period, ready to start implementing your location testing program.

The benefits of ICTL location testing


Regular, mass testing is the key to getting the world moving again. Even if your employees or visitors feel well, they can have Covid and pass it on to others. With our location testing, you can be sure that someone is safe to be on-site, within seconds.

Benefits of instant location Covid testing include:

Non-invasive test- just a simple mouth swab

No waiting for test results – get your answer in just 20 seconds

Industry-leading accuracy – so you can have confidence in your results

Full post-test support for anyone testing positive

High volume, rapid testing for the entire organisation, with the ability to scale as needed

A fully inclusive service with all necessary infrastructure supplied, including testing booths and IT systems

Dedicated booking portal for easy management and compliance with Government data reporting requirements

We provide a highly trained team of managers, technicians, and operators

A robust healthcare management system, underpinned by BSI certification and UKAS accreditation

VirolensTM testing technology


Our market-leading VirolensTM testing system provides accurate test results in just 20 seconds.

Developed in the UK, VirolensTM  system uses microscopic holographic imaging and artificial intelligence software to detect Covid-19 at the exact time of testing. When a swab is placed in the VirolensTM testing device, a holographic microscope examines the salvia sample and runs it through a computer trained to identify Covid-19.

This allows us to test for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) with 98.1% sensitivity and 99.7% specificity, within just 20 seconds, based on the results of an MHRA registered evaluation trial.

Find out more about how our VirolensTM technology works.

Virolens Machine


To book your location testing, or to find out more, please call us, email sales@instant-covidtest.com, or complete our corporate enquiry form and we’ll call get back to you to arrange a consultation.