Private Instant Covid Tests in London


How getting tested works

Testing for Coronavirus


It’s possible to have Covid-19 and not have any symptoms at all, which is why instant testing is so important. Our private instant Covid tests in London and on-site across the UK, are designed to provide individual people with the confidence and clarity they need to get back to normality, with no wait for test results.


If you feel well but want to know for sure if you are currently clear of Covid, our quick and affordable, non-invasive test will tell you. We use Virolens™ technology to test a mouth swab and give you a positive/negative result in just 20 seconds.

What is Virolens™?


Our Virolens™ devices will tell you whether or not you have Covid-19 at the time of your test. It doesn’t tell you whether you have already had the virus, only whether you have it at the exact time of testing. Virolens™ gives you positive/negative Covid test results in just 20 seconds.


This is how our quick and simple private Covid testing process works:

1: You take your own saliva sample with the mouth swab provided and place it into a testing cartridge.

2: A Virolens™ operator seals the cartridge and puts it into the Virolens™ device.

3: Your sample is examined by a holographic microscope, which looks at the light diffracted off the surface of each saliva component.

4: This holographic imaging is then run through an artificially-intelligent computer trained to detect SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

5: The device then returns a positive/negative result for Covid within just 20 seconds.

How accurate are the tests?


Virolens™ tests for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) with 98.1% sensitivity and 99.7% specificity, based on the results of an MHRA registered evaluation trial .

Just as importantly, Virolens™ provides clear positive/negative test results in less than half a minute, eliminating the uncertainty caused by waiting for an answer. A negative result gives you the peace of mind to travel safely, return to work or spend time with others having reduced the risk.

Onsite testing process


What happens when you arrive at Instant Covid Tests London for your private Covid test? We aim to make the entire testing process as quick, easy and non-invasive as possible. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

1: Book A Test Online

Use our simple online booking system to book a test at a time convenient for you.

2: On Arrival at ICTL

Arrive for your test at your allocated time with your photo ID, booking confirmation and mask.

3: Before Your Test

You will be shown to a testing booth. Here you will be required to scan the QR code on your email booking confirmation and present your ID.

4: Collecting Your Saliva Sample

The operator will hand you a test kit, including a swab, tube and cap, and will advise you on how to take your self-administered swab sample from the inside of your mouth.

5: Taking The Test

Your sample will be taken from you by the operator, inserted into a testing cartridge and processed through the Virolens machine.

6: Getting Your Result

You will be provided with the result of your test at point of care within 20 seconds. This will be given as either ‘Virus Detected’ or ‘No Virus Detected’.

7: Testing Negative

You will be directed to the exit and sent a text with a link to a certificate with your test result.

8: Testing Positive

You will be directed to our welfare area, where you will be able to seek advice from a qualified medical professional.

Benefits of Virolens instant testing

If you feel well but need to know quickly whether or not you have Covid, private instant testing will provide the answer. Other private Covid tests involve waiting up to several days for results, which only further delays your ability to get back to everyday life. Knowing you are clear of Covid at the time of testing gives you the reassurance and clarity you need.


The testing process is non evasive as it only requires a self administered saliva sample taken using a swab from the inside of the mouth. Unlike some other Covid-19 tests there is no requirement to collect samples from the nose or throat making the experience much more pleasant.


We understand the freedom and peace of mind that comes from an instant negative result. We also realise the impact of testing positive, which is why we have a team of medical experts ready to offer help and advice.


Benefits of instant Covid testing include:

Covid test results in just 20 seconds

Accurate results for those with no symptoms

Affordable, non-invasive test – just a simple mouth swab

Convenient location in the heart of London

Full post-test support for those who test positive

Get back to work and normality with peace of mind


Get tested for Covid quickly and conveniently in central London, and receive instant positive/negative results.