4 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Workplace Covid Testing Solution?

There are many different types of Covid tests currently available on the market, and choosing the right option for your workforce can be very confusing. We’ve taken a look at the four key factors to consider when building your back to office, Corporate Covid testing strategy

1. Accuracy

In order to ensure that your team can be confident returning to the workplace, you need to be sure that the test you’re using is accurate. A recent study has found that lateral flow tests are better at identifying people with symptoms, and press coverage has suggested that some 42% of rapid tests fail to identify asymptomatic people. When you can’t rely on the accuracy of the test, you can’t be totally sure that you are stopping people with no symptoms from spreading the virus.

It is important that when considering a test you check the sensitivity and specificity, the higher these are the less likely you are to get false positive and false negative results. It is also worth checking how effective the tests are on low viral loads, and the restrictions that have been placed on what the test can be used for. Instant Covid Tests London uses the Virolens Covid test that has 98.1% sensitivity and 99.7% specificity, is MHRA registered with no restrictions and is highly effective at identifying people with no symptoms.   

2. Speed

You don’t want your employees to have to wait 24hrs for a test result before they can come to the office. This is why a traditional PCR test isn’t suitable for workplace Covid testing and why rapid tests are preferred. By choosing a test that provides a quick result you are able to reduce the risk of infecting others whilst you wait.

Getting a test result at Instant Covid Tests London takes just 20 seconds using Virolens technology. Even when you take into account the time required to prepare the swab, the total test time is no longer than 5 minutes. Other tests can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes plus preparation time. This means lots of waiting around and unnecessary uncertainty for your teams.  

3. Price

The price of private Corporate Covid testing can vary wildly, with PCR generally being the most expensive, due to a lab being required to process the test. Lateral flow tests are much cheaper to produce and are mass manufactured, this means they sit at the lower end of the market. When purchased in large volumes the cost of a lateral flow can be as little as £10, but you should approach any low cost tests with caution. It’s important to check that the test is from a reputable supplier and has all the necessary regulatory registrations in place.

You also should consider the cost of implementing your workplace Covid testing strategy. A lateral flow test should be administered by a trained professional to achieve the best possible result, and you will need to build the necessary infrastructure to safely and comfortably administer the tests for your staff. What initially seems like a good deal, can become expensive very quickly.

The Virolens tests offered at Instant Covid Tests London are very affordable and offer great value as they are all inclusive. There are also discounts available based on volume purchases.

4. Infrastructure

To implement a successful workplace Covid testing program you should consider what else needs to be in place, aside from the test itself. You will need a space large enough to administer the test and trained staff to conduct it. If you’re using lateral flow tests you will also need a space for employees to wait for their result, before they enter the office. Have you considered the booths that need to be built for where the tests are administered, to help keep everyone safe? Finally you need to think about how you will keep track of who has had a test, how the tests are being booked and tracking spend on tests.

Thankfully Instant Covid Test London has an all-inclusive ‘one stop shop’ approach to corporate testing. We will provide you with your own online portal where you can manage your staff members as well as book and pay for tests. Our tests give an instant result so there is no waiting around and we have the space and the testing booths all setup so you don’t have to worry. Your team could easily add a quick stop off at our facility into their daily commute, and it would cause them less inconvenience than having to wait around in your reception or outside in the rain. We also have a robust healthcare management system in place with trained staff to keep everyone as safe as possible and make sure all testing is conducted to an extremely high standard.

To learn more about the workplace Covid testing solution provided by Instant Covid Tests London you can download our information pack or visit our corporate Covid testing page.