Book your instant Covid test


Booking a Covid-19 test appointment


Book an instant Covid-19 test appointment for yourself, a small group of 2-9 people, or on behalf of a corporate workforce. Our instant Covid tests are carried out at our Covid screening centre in central London.


Please note that ICTL is a screening facility designed to be used by people who are not displaying Covid symptoms and feel well. If you have any of the three major Covid symptoms please follow current Government guidelines and arrange a free Covid test from the NHS .

If you had your ICTL test booked before starting to experience symptoms, please call us to reschedule your test.

How do I get a Covid test?


Our Covid test slots can be reserved via our easy-to-use online booking system. You will be asked whether you want to book a private instant Covid test for yourself, tests for a small group of 2-9 people, family up to 6 people or multiple tests for a corporate workforce.


If you are booking for yourself, your family (up to 6 people), or a small group (of 2-9 people), you will then be able to choose a date and time slot that suits you. If you are looking to book multiple corporate Covid tests, you will be asked to register for a corporate account by filling in a simple enquiry form. Find out more about the corporate Covid test booking process.

How long does it take to get Covid-19 test results?


At Instant Covid Tests London, you will get a definitive positive/negative test result for Covid in just 20 seconds. No uncertain waiting or delay to return to work or other plans if you test negative.

How do they test for Covid?


Our Virolens™ devices tell you if you have Covid at the time of your test – they do not tell you if you have already had it previously. When you arrive at Instant Covid Tests London for your test, you will be given a mouth swab kit and asked to take your own saliva sample. This is quick and easy. You will then put your mouth swab inside a testing cartridge lid and give it to a Virolens™ operator, who will insert it into the cartridge and then one of our testing devices.


This is how Virolens™ technology tests for Covid:


  • Your sample is examined by a holographic microscope, which looks at the light diffracted off the surface of each saliva component.
  • The holographic imaging is then run through an artificially-intelligent computer trained to detect the SARS-COV-2 virus.
  • Virolens™ returns a positive/negative result for Covid within just 20 seconds.


Find out more about our Covid testing process.

How much is a Covid test?


We have made every effort to ensure our instant Covid tests are competitively priced. All costs associated with our Covid testing service are fairly reflected in our fees.


Our private instant Covid tests are priced at £50 per person.


To book your Covid test, please click through to our online booking system. You will be able to see Covid test prices once you have selected the type of test you need.

What do I need?


When you book an instant Covid test, you will get a booking confirmation and QR code, via email and text message. You will need to show this confirmation when you arrive for your test.


You will also need to show ID to verify your identity before you can access a testing booth for your instant Covid test (a list of acceptable ID can be found here)


Get tested for Covid quickly and conveniently in central London, and receive instant positive/negative results.