Instant Covid Tests London Entrance

World’s first Covid test centre using 20-second Virolens technology opens doors in central London

  • Instant Covid Tests London (ICTL) opens today, Tuesday 6th April, 7am, at The Brewery events space in the City of London, neighbouring thousands of workplaces
  • ICTL gives individuals Covid test results in just 20 seconds, opening doors for a fast-track back to normality for businesses and individuals in the city
  • Test centre opening follows The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) registration of Virolens, which is now the fastest COVID-19 screening device in the country
Instant Covid Tests London Entrance

On 6th April ICTL  opens its doors for safe and fast COVID-19 screening in the City of London. Through ICTL, businesses can now arrange for their employees to be efficiently and safely screened for COVID-19.

On arrival, people will be promptly tested using the MHRA registered Virolens machine, which employs microscopic holographic imaging and artificial intelligence to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus. It delivers a result within 20 seconds, making it the fastest screening device in the UK.

ICTL’s immediate launch has been made possible by already having a pool of trained staff and a proven operating model, derived from hosting trials of the Virolens machine. The ICTL website is now open for bookings and business enquiries. 

Virolens Machine

ICTL Marketing Director, Simon Lockwood, said:

“Instant Covid Tests London is using Government-registered Virolens technology to allow many of London’s workers to safely return to their offices and workplaces. The technology is the first of its kind and a breakthrough in the battle against COVID-19.

“We’re proud to have used the Brewery events space to set up ICTL’s first test centre, which now offers our neighbouring workplaces a fast-track return to normality.

“We welcome enquiries from local businesses and individuals seeking immediate and highly-accurate COVID-19 test results delivered by trained and experienced diagnostics support staff.”

iAbra Founder, Greg Compton, said:

The Virolens technology is ground-breaking in its approach to screening for the virus. Whereas most COVID-19 testing technologies are based on chemistry, Virolens is based on physics.

It successfully utilises artificial intelligence to image and identify the presence of a virus at a microscopic level in just seconds, without the need for a laboratory. This is a major step forward in the fight against COVID-19.